Artist, psychologist

Born in Perm.
She was educated at an art college in Perm. I graduated from PSPU (Perm State Pedagogical University) 
specialty teacher-psychologist.
She took over experience among Perm artists of different generations.

Art workshops on Kislovodskaya 17.
Then I studied at the International School of Design. St. Petersburg.
In 2010-2012 she continued her education at Free Workshops.

at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA), Moscow.
From 2004 to 2016 she participated in more than 50 exhibition projects.

indifferent countries, such as Russia, France, Great Britain, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Germany.
From 2013 to 2018, she chose the island as her main place of residence

Sri Lanka, which influenced the color, technique, and themes of this period.
In 2014, a personal catalog with six projects was released.


It always seemed to me that ...  I don’t know something.

It makes me uncomfortable when ... I anticipate the situation. I see it

as a little movie in one second.

It is surprising that ... I still perceive life as acutely as I did when I was

15 years old.

Very difficult ... when nothing depends on you. The position of the silent viewer.

I never…. 100% sure. It's a pity...

Good things in life ... happen very often and always suddenly.

I want …  that my dreams constantly came true.

You are inspired when ... you feel the response of the audience to what

you are creating.

We live in a time when ... you cannot stop.

I love ... freedom. Its time and space.

We pay too much attention ... to the past.

I don't think about ... the future in detail. Let there be a place for a miracle.

I never have ... time to get bored.

In childhood, it always seemed ... that I am the best and I can do everything.

The most important decision in life was ... to have a baby.

It is good where ... I have to be.

About me


My projects have been crafted as interdisciplinary art. Psychology and art is an organic tandem in my biography. I was born in Perm, a choleric person with a keen sense of color and a restless mind generating ideas non-stop. I did not know why, but after graduating from art college, I enrolled in the psychology department at the university. However, this specialization has been a milestone on my way to interdisciplinary art.


I honestly chose my professional path six months after graduation. I opted to live and work in art workshops, leaving behind a prestigious career. When I found myself in an artistic environment where about sixty artists of diverse generations were working together, I absorbed the freedom of spirit and a variety of styles. It was a unique experience.


Also, it's always important for me to move forward. Having left my beloved home city, I moved first to St. Petersburg and then to Moscow. I got my education at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art attending “Free Workshops.” 

I took part in the international biennale of contemporary art “Stop! Who's there?” I took part in 50+ art shows in various countries. My solo exhibition “Portrait of the wardrobe” took place in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.


I have gathered pace...

And, again, jumped (in the wrong direction, I thought at first). I rushed towards the equator, to the island of Sri Lanka. This geographical maneuver was made out of family priorities. My inner artist first suffered and then cheered up and created the project "Second Childhood," which has given name to this account of mine.


P.S.: I am sure that everything in my life is happening exactly as it should.

And as Buddhist neighbors say — what’s happening is the best that could be.




Москва, ул. Немчинова 12


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