As an interdisciplinary artist, I often turn to the workings of human memory. Many of my projects are based on self-reflection and rooted in my experience.


The project Second Childhood was born together with my son. When we become parents, we live through a second childhood.


This common phrase highlights some deep processes. Boxes of our long-term memory open up and we remember images of our childhood, re-experience the fears and joys we used to have back then.


The processes of our children growing up in the present become

the key to our past.

Psychologists say that a woman's emotional age is comparable

to that of her child.


Hello. I'm Nastia and I'm 5 years old...

  Memory capsules  

The memories that get in there are so erratic and selective. Each memory can be expressed through an object.

Several glass art objects for the installation "Second Childhood" were created by a glassblower according to my sketches. Then I loaded them up with objects that remind me of touching moments from

my childhood.

For example, one capsule stores the key to my front door. Looking at it, I experience complete childish confidence in the world.

When I was a child, I used to hide the key under the doorstep mat when I went for a walk. And I always found it there when I came back.

What objects remind you of your childhood?

Audio installation "Reaching through..."


All my installations are about memory games. And the word game is appropriate because it is the inner child who is capable of this kind of activity unlike anyone else. 

The important thing is to get him on the phone.


Remember how you used to do it.

Just like that, dialing the rotary phone with your finger.

Now, it's not relevant, but the body remembers, right.

And on the other end of the wire, somebody picked up the phone, said "Hello..." and ran back to play.

And children's voices are heard through the receiver, along with the squeaking of a swing, and someone obsessively shouting your name, inviting you to go for a walk.

Give it a try......



Let's play a game of associations with our memory? Think of some objects or activities that take you to your childhood?

I will share my experience with you. In my projects related to the theme of memory, I have repeatedly chosen plexiglass as a "canvass." In the USSR of the 70s and 80s, sheets of plexiglass lay on tables in every home. Some memorable flat objects were stored under them (calendars, cards, candy wrappers, etc.)?


For "Second Childhood," I opted for this material too. Art objects are made of two layers of plexiglass, connected by iron bolts. A black and white photograph of a little me, the same age as my son, is printed on one of the objects. The other carries a printed sketch of my son.


As my photo is farther from the viewer, there is the optical effect of remoteness.⠀ 

Two generations, nostalgia.?


And what associations do you have when you look at this art object?



A mirror combined with a sheet of old plexiglass is an art object from my "Second Childhood" installation. 

The combination prevents the viewer from seeing the whole reflection. A sketch of me as a mother and my child

is printed on the plexiglass.

I like to create the surprise effect when the viewers, looking at the composition of the installation, suddenly see their reflection.

Here, they can see their reflection integrated into the image of motherhood.

The effect is not only visual but also psychological.



In 15 years of exhibition activity, I participated in more than 50 art shows in different countries, including international biennales, art residences, and personal exhibitions. Yes, I know that the venue matters. It is the basics of art history. That is why the first step towards the "Second Childhood" project was consciously made into

my geographical past?


I returned to my hometown, Perm, came to the porch where I spent my childhood and made the first installation of the series there. The project revolves around the theme of nostalgia, reaching out to my childhood through associations. And the choice of exhibition space

was 100% correct? Now, "Second Childhood" is an international social art project. It is supported by art institutions in different countries, as well as by renowned curators and gallerists.


The project currently takes place in Russia, Germany, England, Montenegro, Turkey, and Sri Lanka. Although exhibition plans have changed during the pandemic, the work is ongoing, and communication with viewers migrated online. Follow the "Second Childhood" page, and you will become a viewer or maybe a participant of online exhibitions?


Follow the development of the project history

on the art_vtoroe_detstvo page




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