"Second Childhood" was preceded by another project "Gift of Motherhood".

 In Russian, it has a different name"Maternal Capital." It came out of a bitter sarcasm since freelance artists in Russia have no such social benefits. ⠀ However, it is rather a story about the emotional capital that a woman wins with the birth of a child. ⠀


For me, this novel emotional experience has become the starting point for abstract painting. Before my son was born, I never tried to follow this path. ⠀ Abstractions emerged naturally with physiological changes. Giving birth brought along hormonal adjustments and sleepless nights, and it prompted me to perceive the world abstractly. I wanted to make paintings, but there was 

no time for that. These two factors made me an abstractionist. ⠀


It was expressive painting, like breathing, with an acute sense of color and unrestrained thirst for life. The first works began to emerge in 2014.


To this day, I am faithful to abstract painting and incorporate such art in my projects and installations.

Nowadays my son sometimes participates in the creation of my abstract paintings and inspires me to new experiments. Tim is left-handed, and it was hard for him to draw. Usually, it looked like scribbles. But I took it as

an opportunity and tried to feel this chaotic movement of his hand.

I began to add expressive graphics to the painting with my left hand.

So we took a step towards co-creation.

In the project "Second Childhood" I introduced paintings as well.

And if we talk about color associations with childhood, then for me it would be orange.


During the quarantine, me and my five-year-old son were closed in one space toe-to-toe and I started to "mirroring" him.


I did not have time to cut the hairs of my son since the government of

Sri Lanka put everyone in lockdown and I discovered that my children's photos have coincidences with images of Tim.

So we can say hello to Andy Warhol and the Alenka chocolate bar.

And I continue the series of "Second Childhood" and create the unique combination with secret technic with black and white photographs 

and graphics.

Have you thought about how to show

the connection between generations visually?

Between you and your child?

And who do you think will particularly appreciate this image?


That's right, your mother, your child's grandmother. ⠀


You can order a unique collage. A photo of you as a child + a sketch

from a photo of your own daughter or son.


Write to me: and I will send you the details.




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