Illustrator, poet, performance artist

Illustrator, poet, performance-artist.

I draw and create mostly for everyone and everywhere when I feel any resonance: street art and festival installations, movies, books, posters, magazines, news threads, interiors.

I like documental, psychological, music-related, humorous genres.

They influence my art = my life. 


Born in Vitebsk 1986.

2010: Graduated from Minsk Modern Knowledges Institute,

Bachelor of Fashion Design. Diploma collection was honored by the Berlin School of applied arts Lette-Verein.

2009 - 2019 Participated in more than 30 of art/music/poetry projects

in Russia, Belarus, Germany, Estonia, and Finland, including festivals, collective and personal exhibitions,  contests, masterclasses.

2015-2018  Illustrations for a weekly music podcast Aerostat by Boris Grebenschikov. 

2018-2019  Illustrations for movies “The Critic”, “The BRAVOStory”

dir. Andrey Airapetov.

2011-2020 Created calendars.

2011 ASTRA-DAH-XV «Wheels of knowledge» Tacheles Berlin.

photographer Nina Orlova

It always seemed to me that ... there is no one cooler than the Japanese.

It makes me uncomfortable when ... I see parents who yell to children

“Don’t climb or you will fall!”

It is surprising that ... it is best to relax lying on the floor.

Very difficult ... to read in the dark.

I never…. fit into heteronormativity.

Good things in life ... is a feeling of flow.

I want ... garbage recycling to be taken for granted.

You are inspired when ... the whole world except for your art stop to exist.

We live in a time when ... the absence of tattoos makes a person different then everyone else.

I love ... good music, peaches, and Stephen Fry.

I don't think about ... a white monkey.

I never have ... a desire to think how it would be if ...

In childhood, it always seemed ... that somewhere behind the next house is the sea.

The most important decision in life was ... stop cheating on yourself.

It is good where ... there is a beautiful architecture.

About now


For two months now I have been in the same space with my husband and son. My husband goes to work on duty once a week, and my son is with me all the time. There is a 24/7, and, of course, it is tiring. We support each other, including giving everyone the opportunity to be alone with themselves. But in general, I tend to travel a lot. Not always far away, sometimes to visit some unknown area of Moscow.

Usually, I travel somewhere every two to three months. Sometimes

with my son, other times with the whole family. To Minsk or to my parents in Finland or somewhere else, but now the rhythm of life has changed a lot.

I spend a lot of time at home at work, sometimes riding a bicycle. I am

an introvert, but I appreciate the communication.

And communication is different. I can’t be inside one system, on the contrary, I go deeper into myself. Or to work.

Now I am engaged in a project on the phenomenon of memory. I create an installation about which I can’t talk because I gave a promise - it was a condition for participation. In general, something wildly interesting, but so far this is a secret. I also draw characters for the future cartoon, but so far it is also hidden right now from the world.

I am studying a distance course of art therapy. I master practical techniques. Psychotherapy, Jungianism, gestalt are part of my area of interest, and, again, they support and develop. I use all this in my masterclasses and in joint family creativity.


My son Lyova without kindergarten shows miracles of fortitude. I see how much he miss communication with peers, but he does not lose heart. On the contrary, he listens to children's radio, sculpts from plasticine, draws. During these couple of months, he learned by himself how to write and it is quite tolerably. Sometimes he puts me provocative notes under the door.  

He dreams to go with grandparents to the countryside. I think he will succeed soon, but until then it is not clear when we will have the possibility to see my parents, I hope at least this summer.




Москва, ул. Немчинова 12


Телефон: +7 (499) 977-00-44

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