There is a Spanish children's song in where are words about the castle and lost keys. Where are they? At the bottom of the sea ...

Yo tengo un castillo,
¿Dónde están las llaves?
En el fondo del mar
En el fondo del mar

My parents called me Marina. The connection with the sea element in me manifested itself from childhood. Every year in the summer, mom and dad went to the sea to the Crimea. There you could build castles and mosaics from sand, shells, and pebbles, play a mermaid, a plunger or a treasure hunter, beware of jellyfish, and enjoy your childhood, the sun, and the waves.

Then we returned home with a bag of treasures in the form of marine artifacts and memories. Now I want to do what I did then. Remember the Japanese pearl divers? In my research, I will become one of them, the diver Ama, and from the bottom of time I will take out several pearls that keep the stories and secrets of my memories and show them to you. These are my values, artifacts,

my treasures.

What I want to get and what I’m ready to share.


Treasures from the seabed of my childhood memories




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