My puzzle is like a map, which brings together the past,

present, and future. There are as recognized and beloved areas,

as some white spots. There are also shadow sides that would have been better not to exist at all. But accepting of the fact that they exist opens access to those pieces of the puzzle which seemed lost. All together they are expanding the map, make it real and very unique.



LUZ was made at the crisis moment, in summer 2019.

It was like pulling yourself out of a swamp of depression. In this series,

I started from the bottom, from recognizing all the imperfections of my life. 

I am not leaving this sensation, but simply letting this sadness settle in my works. Somewhere in the very depths, I find Luz, a plain shaggy creature resembling a caveman, a woman, and a girl - all in one. She is sad, and all her journeys which she continues to do not lead her anywhere. But I am giving them a possibility to appear on the paper, and it helps to fund a saving light that leads her and me out of there.

I think this series is about accepting yourself.



When I was pregnant by Leo I did not know what I should do and it made me very confused. Honestly I didn’t know that it would be MY Leo!

So I decided to do what I always liked to do: read biographies of heroes that would be associated with something very important for me and draw.

I decided to write a series of navigator's portraits.

In those months my husband and I were engaged in some completely senseless and endless bureaucracy, and together with other absurd events we took these portraits of 22 navigators and brought them by train to Prague,

and then to Berlin.

We realized an exhibition with my husband and Masha Bender

at the Berlin Kugelban club, which we called Gum Down Whirl Around Sail Away. There was no commercial success; it was a pure psychomagic

creative act.

As a result, all these works remained in Berlin, and we returned to Moscow.

Mikhail Petrovich Lazarev

1788-1851, Russian Empire

Russian naval commander and navigator, admiral, order holder

St. Andrew the First-Called and St. George, commander of the Black Sea Fleet and one of the discoverers of Antarctica.

William Adams

1564-1620, England

The first Englishman ever to reach Japan but was forbidden to leave it. He was presented with two swords representing the authority of a Samurai.

Abel Janszoon Tasman

1603-1659, Dutch Republic

In one of his diary entries Tasman credits his

compass, claiming it was the only thing that kept him alive.

Wan Jinghong

?-1434, China

Mariner, explorer, diplomat and fleet admiral, who was Zheng He’s deputy on his voyages. Anthemed in the legends of Java.

Afanasij Nikitin

?-1474, Russia

On his commercial trip to India and back, he crossed the Caspian, the Arabian, and the Black Sea. During this trip he wrote a diary,

which made him famous, it's called "A Journey Beyond the Three Seas".

James Cook

1728-1779, Yorkshire, England. In search of the southern continent, he headed

three round-earth voyages, precisely mapped many lands in the Pacific

Ocean. Known for his tolerant and friendly attitude towards aborigines.

He made a kind of revolution in navigation, learning to successfully fight the


Zheng He

1371-1433, Yunnan, China

Eminent admiral, who headed seven voyages to many countries ashore of the Indian Ocean. He became the object of cult

veneration among the Chinese diaspora in Southeast Asia.

Ching Shih

1775-1844, China

Great lady pirate who operated in Asian waters and

commanded over 300 junks. She is called “The Terror of the South China" in

present-day reports from the British admiralty.

Fernan Magellan

1480-1521, Portugal. Known for having organized the expedition that resulted

in the first circumnavigation of the Earth. He named the Pacific Ocean the

Peaceful Sea.

Edward Teach

1680-1718, England. Contrary to the modern-day picture of the traditional

tyrannical pirate, he commanded his vessels with the permission of their

crews and there is no known account of him ever having harmed or murdered

those he held captive.

St Brendan of Clonfert, the Navigator

V-VI. They say, in search of the Garden of Eden he reached the shores of

North America. Since then he appears to be the patron of all sailors and




There was just a little time left before the appearance of Leo. Navigators were in the past, and I made a graphic series about all things which were surrounded me: inside and outside.

In these works, there is a lot of anxiety and a sensation of the disappearance of the world which I am familiar with. But at the same time, there is

a willingness to step on a new level.




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