photographer Oksana Guryanova


Born in Moscow.

Studied at the Moscow Art Academic

Institute named Surikov and the Montenegrin Art Academy with a degree in painting. Experience in an art residency

at the Dukley European Art Community and at the Dukley Summer School,

Montenegro 2015 and 2016. A regular participant in festivals and cultural forums, such as “SLOVONOVO”, “Kunstflow”, etc.
15 personal exhibitions and participation in 23 collective projects in countries such as Russia, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy,

Switzerland, Ukraine, Belgrade, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro.

The works are in the collections of Marat Gelman, Juan Puntes (White Cube,

New York), Giampaolo Abbondio (PAKS Galery, Milan), etc.

In her projects often works with the theme of childhood, the problem of understanding the substance of time, a personal residence,

and an understanding of history.


И навигатор такой "You have arrived,
Your destination is on the right!"
И Child Reminder beeps to remind,
like "Don't you ever forget your child!"
И ты про себя: “would that I might”,

Но тут,

В тебя опять кинут мячиком, тебя толкнут,
И ты: “а главное, as if I could!”


Товарищи взрослые! Шесть часов уже! Хватит спать!
Скорее встаньте и подарите себе день в СПА!
Лучшее средство от преждевременного старения -
Это ежеутреннее бутербродостроение!

Судорожный поиск по всему дому пропавших ножниц и укладка их в ранец
Придаёт загадочный блеск глазам, а щекам - румянец

Экстренное изготовление какого-нибудь бумажного конуса
Просто незаменимо для поддержания общего тонуса.


It always seemed to me that ... there was enough time for everything.

It makes me uncomfortable when ... when people too much expected from you.

It is surprising that ... someone hates gays and lesbians.

Very difficult ... to hold back.

I never ... eat french fries.

Good things in life ... usually lying under your feet.

I want ... the children to be healthy.

We live in a time when ...

it is useless to plan.

I love ... work.

We pay too much attention ... to the speculation.

I don’t think about ... fashion.

I never have ... a feeling of boredom.

In childhood, it always seemed ... that the worst thing is to die alone.

The most important decision in life was ... to become an artist.

It is good where ... you feel necessary.

About time

I have a special relationship with time. It does not go away - every moment we freeze like insects in amber, every moment is forever, is eternity. But we are doomed to watch this movie consistently, and it is the art that allows you to pause it, seize the right moment, and fix it. Therefore, I so often turn to the topic of childhood - this is exactly what I want to save and take with me.


About now

Like many parents, I can hardly restrain myself when I come across

the next selection of free courses or a to-do lists that you can finally do quarantine - I always have something to do and never get bored. Of course, serious projects had to be postponed, but I still have time to draw something every day.

In a sense, I even relaxed - usually I demand too much from myself, I try to keep everything under control, plan everything for the year ahead - when, where, where, what exhibitions, who will look after the children while I'm away and so on. Now, the objective circumstances are such that you can finally allow yourself to go with the flow.

And to pump flexibility.

photographer Oksana Guryanova




Москва, ул. Немчинова 12


Телефон: +7 (499) 977-00-44

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