After I had a child, I experienced a lack of resources, primarily of time,

for effective self-fulfillment.


I soon realized that I did not, under any circumstances, want to become 

a hostage to the situation, and tried to make the most of what I had

at my disposal. The result was a series of projects built around the theme

of motherhood and childhood, in which the child became either model

or co-author.

“Cococolaboration” is one such project. At the time the series was created,

my daughter was three. I gave her incomplete or, sometimes, finished drawings, inviting her to cooperate, setting up a dialogue that would allow her to chime in, while the viewer and I had an opportunity to look through the eyes of a child. Such a naive vision sometimes opened up an entirely new dimension, revealed an unexpected depth that was not driven by the original content of the work.




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