When I jigsaw the puzzle, first of all, I turn all the pieces upside down, then look at all this set and then begin to put together.

I jigsaw by pieces of different parts of the picture but not from the corners.

This is quite in tune with the way I pass my journeys. I do not like to sit idle and often start to do at least for something. It can be some small task or 

a piece of the project.


The theme of the Endless Book project was like a diary of our year-long life.

It is about all that surrounds us. And all about us - me and Chloe, and Zhenya, and our dog Arkhip, our relatives and friends, furniture, food (why not?), creativity, joys and doubts, even my gloom. All that was relevant at the moment.

But in the center of this project, there is me and Chloe, because we ARE this book: the fact that I am a mother, and she is a child, and the way we flow one into another.


I used different techniques and materials, different styles, and even different formats from a classic portrait to newspaper walls; the only unifying element a hole punch circles.

One week - one page.

WEEKS 1 & 2

Pages 1 and 2 are introductory; they are me and Chloe.


The third page illustrates the post-New Year sluggishness. Black and white circles are transformed into confetti and settle on the floor, a watercolor ball also is here.


The fourth week went like this: Chloe played in kindergarten, and I painted the wall there.


The fifth week, the fifth page. In this week

I continued to paint the wall, and also made a portrait of a handsome man unknown to me. As a result I drew three portraits and we became very close with Grisha, so I believe he took a place in the book by right. Besides, I had my hair cut, and on Friday I decided to stop breastfeeding. This decision made me disabled for several days.

Chloe stopped sleeping during the day, and I walked around with compresses from Beijing cabbage and could not do anything.


This week was a little bit hectic because on the weekend we went to Hanover. It was wonderful, but as a result, I had to tighten the schedule for Monday and Tuesday. It was snowing in Hanover, there was also a wonderful company and interesting conversations. And we walked in the park and saw a lot of birds, including a raven. When Chloe pointed a finger at them she said "Bird!". It is not possible to show everything in one picture so I drow only snow, birds, and Chloe with Zhenya. But the elements of linocut were added! By the way, the week was marked by another

T-shirt with ravens which I printed for a friend.

So everything coincided.


All week we have been sick. At first, Chloe, then Zhenya, and Tanya picked up some kind of virus, then I was also hit. So there wasn’t much time for creativity. I cooked endless broths and rice, stirred powders, and changed diapers. It was not even a black, but solid gray strip. Hole punch circles turned to medicins


The beginning of the week was still sick. Then Chloe got better and we had to go to visit our friends in the city of Ratingen to celebrate the anniversary of their daughter Masha who had to turn 1.5-year-old. But then they suddenly felt ill. So we did not go anywhere, and I sent a gift by mail. It was a portrait of Masha painted several months ago. I decided to insert Masha because I realized that white peas on her jacket have connections with hole punch circles! Well, who knows, maybe (a flattering hope) I will someday become a famous artist, and Masha will be pleased. 


The ninth page, or rather, two ninth pages. Last Thursday I had a planned operation, moreover, initiated by me and, in principle, not particularly necessary, but under general anesthesia. And this anesthesia made me very afraid, me, a person who watched enough medical series. It drove me crazy so in the end, I gave Zhenya instructions on how to behave in the event of my death and already dreamed not about the results of the operation, but about simply staying alive, healthy, and returning to normal life as soon as possible. It was a page that I wanted to turn over quickly. So I invented two options for the ninth page - one more illustrative, and the other emotional. In the first case, besides the operating room, I added another page with our picture with Chloe to commemorate the launch of a new project (Chloe draws, and I finish). Puncher circles become bulbs above the operating table, and the central “lamp” is the label that turned up by the arm from the dress Chloe presented.

The second option is about my feelings, about how I mentally prepared for the different outcomes of the operation, including the world without me. The circles turn into holes, the paper into the glass, and the glass back into paper.



The recovery process after the operation was long. Not that something went wrong, I look completely normal, but my eyes get tired quickly especially from drawing, and most importantly, I can’t lift and carry weights (so Chloe as well). So I spent the whole week at home. Zhenya went to the store with Chloe for a walk, and I only gave out valuable instructions. Also, the Carnival is now processing in Germany, and all this passes by me. Therefore, the "emotional" version with glass is not only not outdated, but even vice versa has become more relevant than ever. I just added confetti and serpentine, which symbolize the general carnival mood there outside. The new page was made in the format of a good old family portrait (because it turned out to be difficult to turn from smooth sheets to flowing from one page to another), but with unexpected details: the tape under my eyes is a patch, and a portrait of Chloe painted with real carnival makeup.


The eleventh page is dedicated, as you might guess, to Chloe's birthday. Which is not surprising, because we celebrated it for four days (and if we take into account all preparation then all five). As a basis, I took the children's version of the holiday. 



This week there was nothing but an all-consuming spring.


This week's events are Zhenya’s birthday and Chloe and I left for Moscow, where I have not been for three years, and Chloe hasn't been ever.


I reflected the map with the route: firstly, the return, secondly, the sensation of Looking Glass in front of me all the way in Moscow, and thirdly, it turned out as a Rorschach spot you can reither check the psyche, or you can predict the future. Chloe and Arkhip: first of all, just Chloe and Arkhip, secondly, a symbol of family reunion, and thirdly, Arkhip has an operation tomorrow and he is a little poor doggy. Circles are becoming into a new dress of Chloe, a route

and a list of items.


Arkhip had surgery, Chloe was sick, I was worried a lot, then I got sick too and was completely inoperative for two days. There is uncertainty in everything, so there is nothing concrete in the book yet, except for the unfortunate Arkhip

in the "Elizabethan" collar, as well as the pig’s drawing, with which I began a series of coloring drawings for Chloe. I plan to process it later so that it is convenient to print on a conventional printer. Actually, Chloe had a hand in the drawing - the pig was painted partly by me, and partly by her, and all the fusses were also hers.


Extremely unproductive week! Firstly,

Chloe has kindergarten Easter break and we’re together all day. Secondly, I have toxicosis.

It manifests itself as follows: at the slightest hint of hunger, I begin to feel sick, and I'm frantically trying to understand what exactly I want and can eat now. If you guess, the nausea goes away, if not, the nausea is even worse. I can’t look at vegetables, coffee and chocolate, but there is no rejection of sweets at all, as was the case with Chloe. Which is successful, because after rotavirus I have a weight deficit. In any case, the “hunger-nausea-food-nausea-hunger” mode does not contribute to anything at all, and least of all it contributes to creativity. Nevertheless, she gathered and drew a simple picture.


Seventeenth page or "How I spent this week." That's about how I spent it - on the couch, half asleep, with fever, snot and cough, completely exhausted. Only on Sunday was there any improvement, the crisis was over,

but I am recovering very slowly and now I feel not much better. Need to say,

that Zhenya’s disease is similar

although he has normal immunity and no toxicosis,

so that, apparently, it’s just such a brutal virus.

Well, of course, this is the only thing I drew in a week.


April is over, I recovered, but it’s very weak (the pressure is so low that my ears are laying), I do everything through force,

with a creak. But I was on an ultrasound scan, saw a heartbeat, and now I'm not just pregnant, but officially pregnant - they gave me Mutterpass! Hope all these diseases

nothing on impact.


Nothing Outstanding This Week

did not happen. There were many poorly visualized experiences, but mostly routine. But the summer has come!

We went on a picnic, Chloe played

in football and badminton, eating barbecue

knife and fork - something like that. Not the most important, but the most vivid impression of the week.


Again no events, feeling as if I was wading through a pregnant forest fatigue and drowsiness. Unlike Chloe, who slept once or twice during the whole week.


This week, Chloe underwent surgery (they cut out adenoids and inserted drainage microtubes in their ears), I was nervous and sowed destruction, for example, I broke an iPhone.

Well, in general, everything fell out of hand.

The feeling of hanging does not contribute to anything, believe me. At least the operation took place

(I was afraid that Chloe would fall ill and be put off yet

for a month), passed without complications, and now,

if no force majeure happens, in the beginning of June we will go to Montenegro, that's great!


There is no time at all - holidays, kindergarten

not working, Chloe is not sleeping, but I need

somehow strain and finish one project. The box is from there, but it, among other things, well reflects the feeling that the task is "too heavy".

I don’t know what Ursa Major illustrates, she just asked there.


The twenty-third page illustrates the pre-departure fuss and suitcase mood. Here I must admit that due to near-creative workload, I only physically packed

on the last day, and going all week

in the head (which is also, in general, half the story).

Well, I made a baggage production already here, in Montenegro, but in reality we went with a bunch of packages, baskets and this

here is the Reizenthal Einkaufstasche polka dot, which is highlighted.


Twenty-fourth page, "road". Schematic route of our trip and a few sketches


I passed all the tests and went to the ultrasound, where the child, naturally, waved to me.

But the doctor, instead of capturing this wonderful shot, for some reason printed a close-up of his genitals so that no one

I had no doubt that this was a boy, so I had to draw a waving child from memory (oil on photo paper). And then the guests arrived - Masha with Lisa. Masha worked, and the children looked closely at each other, but had not yet had much contact. But the floor was immediately covered with lumps of multi-colored plasticine.


Here, it seems to me, everything is clear without comment.



The guests parted, life slowed down, Chloe sits in a deck chair on the terrace of the summer kitchen, dotted with small fallen apples.


This week there were a lot of events - repeated guests, boating, trips to Cetinje and Croatia, in short, you can’t draw everything. Therefore: Chloino's new hobby is tennis. The net on the racket is embroidery, so to speak.


New hat!


The main event of this week - on Friday, the inner child turned 20 weeks old, i.e. pregnancy has exceeded the middle. Therefore, the figure shows my practically invisible stomach.


We are already at home, and this is Chloe.

in plastic balls - she had in Montenegro

such an entertainment.


All week before leaving, from morning to night I drew cockroaches (in whole and in part) for one project, which I’ll tell you about if everything works out. So the page is about it.

WEEKS 33 & 34

I have no time! An incredible amount of routine, the only plus - I speak German, including by phone. Awful, with a bunch of mistakes, of course, but I say. By the way, if not difficult, wish us good luck today or tomorrow!

WEEKS 35 & 36

Again a wild number of events, it is not clear how to put everything

to the book. Chloe with a new service (we went to visit, and it turned out that Chloe urgently needed children's dishes - she did not let go of a cup with a spoon all day), ticket from Stadthouse, a label from sterile wipes from first aid courses (I want to confirm Russian rights, in this regard a lot of running around), a portrait rejected by the customer, dreams about your own home, market research parquet ..

In fact, these two weeks fit much more, but you can’t cover everything.


Nothing special happened this week,

we celebrated Chloin's “birthday” (2.5 years), so Chloe.


There were no special events, so again Chloe (reading), and also the circles she painted, and also about how I painted the walls (painted over these very circles).


She pulled her back, taking Chloe out of the bath,

and still limp. The back itself it doesn’t hurt, but the right leg hurts, in that place where it attaches to the hip joint.

It hurts so that I absolutely cannot walk normally, i.e. stumble somewhere if necessary, I can, but so that I can walk normally, fully, and with a stroller, uphill, etc. - no.

I was recorded as an orthopedist on October 21st. Apparently, I’ll go to the therapist tomorrow and ask you to do something about it.

WEEKS 40 & 41

These weeks passed somehow imperceptibly - my leg hurt, my throat hurt, I went to the doctors stupidly and stupidly (the nature of Chloen’s cold is still foggy), it seems that something was being done, but sluggishly.

But we signed a contract to buy a house! But he is not ours yet, and he will only be freed from December. And Chloe appeared the first anthropomorphic drawings.

WEEKS 42 & 42

The week when I had a birthday, and the next after it, when nothing happened. Autumn has come - we walk at home in socks,

and I also came up with and made a plane for Chloe, then I’ll write more about him.


Nothing special happened

I basically sat at home, made all kinds of crafts and worried about low water.

In the picture - the tree on which Chloe

with varying success glues plasticine apples, and another new print

for T-shirts.


Sky, plane, girl.


On the 46th week, quite a lot of events happened, it was difficult to shove them all into the book.

I went to the next ultrasound and found out that there is no water shortage - joy. I did not pass the practical exam

driving is sadness. Chloe went to her first children's birthday, where a child called her i.e.

not our friends with children, namely a girl

she invited her from the group. Chloe also began to appear the first humanoid drawings.

In addition, my dad came to us, came to help and support, but it turned out that he had cancer (the results were sent by mail when he was

already with us) and we urgently need to go back.

Therefore, the pictures: I'm back - it's sadness,

I face is a joyful expectation.


The 47th week passed without special events - we went to the University Hospital for an informational evening, where I was going to give birth (and gave birth),

I was digesting the news, preparing to retake the exam (mentally). I bought amazing tomatoes at the farm store - the size of a currant.

And in the maternity ward I really liked the tablet - not quite the same as in the picture, but the meaning is the same: blue pins mark the boys born that day, pink girls, ribbons - twins.


At the 48th week, I passed the driving test!


And on the 49th gave birth!


I didn’t know what to draw, it was good, but hard, we all huddled together in a small apartment, rubbed ourselves together, learned to sleep. Chloe got a radio-controlled helicopter.


Moving and Christmas are the main events of the 51st week.

In a good way, I would smash Leo’s drawing in a box

and Chloe under the tree on two separate leaves, compositionally this would have looked better, but the chronology requires.


On the 52nd there was an emergency settlement of a new house and new year. I used one of the options for the third, or something, pages that were not included in the book, but added a Christmas tree. It seems to me that this red chair reflects the post-traveling chaos, and also as it were, says to the viewer:

“Well, that's it, we diverge!”




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